CdB Christoph del Bondio - Worldwide Motorcycle Travel and Tour for Offroad Enduro, Quad and 4x4
It is with a sad heart that we announce the passing of Christoph, beloved family member and dear friend.


Tunisia, desert adventure

The most comfortable way to visit a real desert, the Sahara


This is fantastic fun in the desert for off-road fans with some experience. Will show you that the desert has another side to it, apart from dry and dusty.

We start on the Island of Djerba off the coast of Tunisia. From there we will go along and cross the Gulf Bou Grara and then over the dam by Zarzis. Berfore we scale the dunes, our group will wait in Matmata and enjoy a special overnight stay in a hotel, Berber style. It is a luxurious cavern which is well equipped for our stay. During the day we will change our hotel for Berber tents and a wonderful bath under palm trees in warm spring water at the Oasis Ksar Ghilane.

For two days we go deeper into the desert. As there is no set path or trail here we surf with our Enduro machines through the sand, leaving our trail behind us in the warm desert dunes. Have we lost our way? No problem! With our GPS device we find our way to the shore of the salt sea Chott el Jerid, which looks like a shiny mirror in the sunlight.

After all of these great efforts in the desert sun we go from Tozeur at a comfortable pace to the mountain oasis Tamerza. After spending days seeing only various shades of yellow, Ochre and Brown, we now see lively green, freshly picked dates, and other pleasurable sights.

When our bikes reach firm ground again on the sixth day, we will miss that swimming while riding feeling, even when we no longer get sand between our teeth. Every coin has two sides!

Tour Plan
1. Day     Meet in Djerba. Receive the Motorbikes, and drive across the island to the mainland until we reach the Oasis Matmata. Overnight stay in a luxurious cavern hotel. Circa. 150 km slope, 50 % asphalt, 50% gravel.
2. Day     Good slopes to Ksar Ghilane, circa. 100 km.
3. Day     Pure desert. Driving predominatlely using GPS.
4. Day     Driving in a easterly direction through, dunes, slopes and sand.
5. Day     In the morning, we will do a stroll in Tozeur.In the afternoon we will leisurely drive into the mountain oasis Tamerza.
6. Day     Over the heaped up dam across to Chott el Jerid until we reach Douz, circa. 100 km Asphalt, 80 km gravel.
7. Day     Back through Matmata to Djerba, circa. 80 km slope, 100 km Street. Closing celebration.
8. Day     Spare Day and Return flight home.

We provide
Overnight in a double room, Half-board, Transfers, Motorcycle transport from Europe to Djerba and back again, Baggage transport in accompanying vehicle, Tour guide, Maps, GPS-Co-ordinates, Navigational training, Driver training in the sand, Tour momento.

Not included
Flights, Lunch in Restaurants, Coffee breaks, Beverages, Gas, Cancellation Insurance.


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