CdB Christoph del Bondio - Worldwide Motorcycle Travel and Tour for Offroad Enduro, Quad and 4x4
It is with a sad heart that we announce the passing of Christoph, beloved family member and dear friend.


The Andes, glaciers, volcanos and lakes

A beautiful way to see South America


No Compromise - 14 unforgettable days filled with incredible impressions for South America enthusiasts, driving through the seascapes of Chile and Argentina. Two weeks of pure enjoyment for Enduro fans. While we enjoy some good Chilean wine and excellent Argentinean steaks, our forthcoming adventures with our motorbikes on the gravel slopes await us on the maps.

We receive our BMW-Motorbikes in Bariloche, an Argentinean winter sport location, where one of the biggest national parks is in Nahuel Huapi.

On our way through the Andes going in the direction of Chile, the treetops of hundred year old trees show us the way. Will we encounter a Puma? Our hearts beat a little bit faster on the bumpy primeval trail and the gravel slopes. The "Ruta de 7 lagos", the street of the 7 Seas leads us for hours through the pristine mountains. Chile greets us in the tradition of German immigrants: Who would have thought that in South America, in cafes and restaurants, that you could be spoiled with their excellent cakes?

Past an extinct volcano and the unique "Araucania" trees which are only in this part of South America, we reach the Pacific coast within a couple of days. Seafood and freshly caught salmon will be on the menu of customary food for the next couple of days. You want to see inside the earth? On this day of rest experienced mountaineers will have an opportunity to climb inside the active Villarica volcano, an experience that you will not soon forget.

In the legendary Carraterra Austral, we come into the comfortable cool climate of the south Chilean rainforest. Where the motorbikes can not go any further, a ferry will help us as the craggy coast is too rough for anything on wheels.

We are back in the land of the Gauchos. Is it descendants of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid? These infamous robbers eluded arrest in Southern Argentina a long time before they were finally shot down by law enforcement officers in Bolivia. Their cabin is along the way and our tour guide will surely take a picture of us there.

Tour Plan
1. Day     Meet in Bariloche. Receive Motorbikes.
2. Day     Bariloche - Alumine, Parque Lanin.
3. Day     Alumine - Malalcahuello (Chile).
4. Day     Malalcahuello - Temuco, Parque Conguillo.
5. Day     Temuco - Pucon, Parque Villarica.
6. Day     Day of Rest in Pucon.
7. Day     Pucon - Valdivia.
8. Day     Valdivia - Puerto Varas, Parque Puyehue.
9. Day     Puerto Varas - Chaiten (Carreterra Austral), Parque Pumalin.
10. Day     Chaiten - Esquel (Argentinien), Parque Nacional Los Alerces.
11. Day     Day of Rest in Esquel, Parque Lago Puelo.
12. Day     Esquel - El Bolson.
13. Day     El Bolson - Bariloche, Parque Nahuel Huapi.
14. Day     Return flight to Buenos Aires, Homeward Journey.

We provide
Overnight in a double room, Half-Board, Transfers, Baggage Transport in accompanying vehicle, Tour guide, Tour momento.

Not included
Flights, Coffee breaks, Beverages, Gas, Cancellation Insurance.


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