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It is with a sad heart that we announce the passing of Christoph, beloved family member and dear friend.


Argentina, Bolivia and Chile

Three countries in One tour


When you go on a vacation or holiday, you want to experience something special. This tour brings together three of the most beautiful countries of South America. It is an experience to be relished!

From nearly 1.600 km and over 14 days, you will experience highs (5000m) and lows (sea level) as well as wonders of nature, which will be fascinating and breath-taking. Our tour will start in Salta, where the newest BMW-Motorbikes are waiting for us. From there, we will ride in the direction of the Bolivian border. Along the way we will see many examples of the diverse Indian culture.

A welcomed refreshment and a custom of the land is the Matetee, which we will drink together with the invited people who live in the village of Humuaqu. Crossing the border to Bolivia there will be questions, not so much about formalities but rather about our legendary BMWs.

All that glitters is not gold. In this case it is silver, as we will see in the former silver mining centre of Potosi. Salt is not only good for eating, it also has a powerful smell. We will experience this as we go by the over 100 km of the big salt sea, Uyuni. No streets, no limits, only an endlessly shining horizon.

From there to the Bolivian capitol La Paz is not far away. By the time we stop for our break we will have had lots of experiences, in the markets, Cafes and to enjoy the friendliness of the people to visitors.

A relaxing excursion to the famous Tititcaca sea is a must, before we head south again in the direction of Chile. Another highlight is the 4500m Chungara Pass. There the air and the vegetation are thin. No worries since about 200 km later we are at sea level in the coastal city Arica. There is delicious fish, comfortable temperatures, and a picturesque view of the ocean.

The driest desert in the world is Atacana, and it is impressive with its breath-taking geysers as well as with its consistent dryness. Afterwards we make our way back over the Andes. This time when we cross this mountain range and will again reach heights of 4500m above sea level, an experience that our top-class motorbikes can manage again. In the end we return to where it all started in Salta.

Tour Plan
1. Day     Meeting in Salta / North Argentina, receive Motorbikes.
2. Day     Drive from Salta to Jujui.
3. Day     Jujui - Potosi.
4. Day     Potosi - Uyuni.
5. Day     Day of rest in Uyuni.
6. Day     Uyuni - La Paz.
7. Day     Day of rest in La Paz.
8. Day     La Paz - Arica.
9. Day     Arica - Iquique.
10. Day     Iquique - San Pedro de Atacama.
11. Day     Day of rest in San Pedro de Atacama.
12. Day     San Pedro de Atacama - Jujui.
13. Day     Jujui - Salta.
14. Day     Flight home from Salta.

We provide
Overnight in a double room, Half-board, Transfers, Baggage Transport in accompanying vehicle, Tour guide, Tour momento, Maps and Information.

Not included
Flights, Coffee breaks, Beverages, Gas, Cancellation Insurance.

Enduro -Experience necessary.


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